First American haircut

Today, I finally got my first American haircut - after 4 months!

Feels gooooood :D

 EDIT: A couple of people asked for "Before- and After Pictures" so, here they are...



Almost ready for Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is gonna be my first time to celebrate Thanksgiving.

The preparations for the turkey supper are already going on *hmmm*


CHS Spirit Week

I just found an old - but important - picture from the CHS Spirit Week (October 15, 2012).

CHS Class of 2014 - Dressed like "middle-aged":

(2nd row): Mauricio Moran, Devan York, RyAnn Sturm, me, Rachel Arnold, Grace Lebeda, Carli Ward, Jaden Ohnemiller, Tyann Isaacs, Jaci Arterburn, Mallory Swingle, Victoria Friend, Kylee Dvorak, Sam Futhey, Kellen Schmidt, Mariana Guerra! (1st row): Brenden Cole, Shae Lebeda, Lexie Rice, Macky Beal, Kambree York, Miranda Callaway 


After Homecoming Football Game

Here's one more late picture from after the Homecoming Football Game on October 19:

Quentin (Belgium), me (Germany), Mauricio (Mexiko)