First Quarter in school is over

I nearly got kicked out of the school because of my bad grades - but I could persuade them to keep me because I'm only a foreign exchange student ;-)


Lunch at KFC

Today was the first time in my life I had lunch in a Kentucky Fried Chicken ;-) It was really good!!



Float building

Today was the second and last day to build our floats for the parade tomorrow. It was veeeery hard work ;-)


Trash bomb

Additionally my hostbrother and me were burning trash with our hostdad!

There seemed to be a little bomb in the trash :-)

Caldwell Car Rally

Yesterday was the "Caldwell Car Rally". It was like a Treasure Hunt, but every team had a car and we drove around in Caldwell as fast as possible - and allowed - to get to the next station. At every station we had to do something and then solve a quiz to know where the next station is.

14 different teams competed against each other. Unfortunately we got last, but that doesn't really matter because it was soooo much fun.

That's the team I was with:

We were kind of "The Exchange Student Team":
(from left to right)
Hostmum of Quentin, Quentin (from Belgium), Mariana (from Bolivia), me (from Germany), Mauricio (from Mexico) and our driver was the hostmum of Mariana


Demolition Derby Figure 8 Race

This evening was a pretty exciting event in Caldwell: A "Demolition Derby Figure 8 Race".

That means, that 7-12 cars are competing in a small (300ft x 60ft) dirt covered arena. Besides dirt there are two "poles".

The winner of the race is the driver who finishes at first his 15 laps in the figure of a 8. That means: You need to be fast and especially you need to avoid or minimize crashes - what is really hard because you're drifting all the time and you have to cross the other cars in the middle of the 8-figure.

Unfortunately it was already really dark what means it was pretty hard to get sharp pictures of the fast moving cars. Here are my favorites - I'm sorry, I know not all of them are 100% sharp:

That's a panorama of the arena to get a better imagination of the race:

And here are my car pictures:

I hope you enjoyed them!