First CrossCountry meet

Today, August 30, was my first CrossCountry meet in Clearwater.

I ran the Junior/Senior boys 2 miles race and got 30th out of 76 runners with 13:12 minutes - and got the last medal :-)

The fastest runner took 11:29 minutes and the slowest 20:39 minutes.

That is a picture of me after about 1.5 miles. The temperature was 95°F!!

The next CrossCountry meet will be on Saturday, September 8 in Wellington... Maybe I can improve my time a little bit, maybe not. That depends on how my legs are doing - I have still a lot of problems with shin splints!!


First day at school

I just came back from my first day at school.

A big difference to the school in Germany is that in America you have nearly no break from 8 o'clock in the morning until 5.30 in the afternoon.

My schedule is really full of graphic stuff, I hope I'll have fun there.

Now, I'm starving because I just had some cereals for breakfast, a hotdog for lunch and now it's 7 in the evening...

I hope some things will change the next days but I think school will be okay here.



First visit from my Area Supervisor

Yesterday evening, my Area Supervisor from the American exchange organisation came to me the first time.

She is responsible for solving problems and things like that and she is obliged to see me at least once a month, but in my case that should not be a problem because she works in the cafeteria in my highschool.

When she was here, I had to fill out a short document with a few questions - like "What was the most impressive moment in America until now?" or "What do you think is the most important reason to become an exchange student?".

After that we talked a little bit about bits and pieces and about 1.5 hours later she went home.



Yeeeeaahh... Gleich mal die erste Zwangs-Sportpause eingehandelt!!

Jetzt sitz' ich hier mit Eis auf beiden Beinen im Sessel und schau Fernsehen...

Ypieee :-(

Wie ich mich schon auf die nächsten Tage freue: Eis - Sessel - Fernseh - Essen - Schlafen.  Das wird wohl mein Horizont für die nächsten Tage sein :o

Exchange student number 2

The day before yesterday, we picked up another exchange student at the airport of Wichita.

He is from Mexico and will live with me in Caldwell the next ten months...



Sleeping temperature

Wow, 35/95°(C/F) inside temperature at 9.30pm is quite a lot for a good sleep:

Sports physical

Today I went to the physician for getting my sports physical. Everyone needs it for being allowed to do sports in an American highschool.

I just had to fill out a lot of documents and answer a few questions at the physician.

I've been ready after about 20 minutes, but of course I had to pay my 35$ for getting 5 ticks and a signature on a sheet of paper...



Schools enrollment

Hi there,

I just came back from schools enrollment...

So, now I've my schedule for the next 10 months which consists of:

Graphic Design, American History, English, Advanced Algebra, Computer, Chemistry and InterActive Media!

Afterwards from 3.40pm 'til "I'dont exactly know" I'll do Cross Country Running in summer


First time in an American church

Today I've been in an American church the first time...

It was really difficult to follow the prayer and the church songs, but I think that should get better the next few times I go to church.

The temperatures here went down a little bit to about 75°F (25°C) so I'm not sweating all the time.

Breakfast was really good today. My hostmom made pancakes with butter, sugar and some fruits (strawberries and blueberries)!

I wish you all a nice sunday,


Schöne Grüße aus Kansas

Hallo zusammen,

ich bin jetzt in Kansas bzw. genauer meinem neuen Wohnort Caldwell angekommen.

Das Wetter ist hier ausgesprochen warm, am frühen Nachmittag - was es jetzt ist - hat es so um die 35° im Schatten - man schwitzt vom nix-tun :D

Unterhaltungen gestalten sich zur Zeit noch etwas mühevoll, aber das wird hoffentlich bald...

Bis bald,


Packen ist ein Horror ;-)

Hi zusammen,

gestern und heute habe ich meinen halben Kleiderschrank versucht in zwei Koffern unterzubringen...

Dieser Anblick hat sich mir geboten, nachdem alles neben den Koffern platziert war:

Zwischenstand, fast alles geschafft - puhh:

Aber die Freude währte nicht lange, denn:

erlaubt sind nur 23 :o

Also, next try...

Schlussendlich hat's dann doch mit Biegen und Brechen geklappt, mit den Koffergewichten bin ich aber verdammt nah an der Grenze:

Morgen ist dann der große Tag - und lang wird der auch :D