Demolition Derby Figure 8 Race

This evening was a pretty exciting event in Caldwell: A "Demolition Derby Figure 8 Race".

That means, that 7-12 cars are competing in a small (300ft x 60ft) dirt covered arena. Besides dirt there are two "poles".

The winner of the race is the driver who finishes at first his 15 laps in the figure of a 8. That means: You need to be fast and especially you need to avoid or minimize crashes - what is really hard because you're drifting all the time and you have to cross the other cars in the middle of the 8-figure.

Unfortunately it was already really dark what means it was pretty hard to get sharp pictures of the fast moving cars. Here are my favorites - I'm sorry, I know not all of them are 100% sharp:

That's a panorama of the arena to get a better imagination of the race:

And here are my car pictures:

I hope you enjoyed them!

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